Make a Vision Board

Make a Vision Board

Make a vision board to manifest your dreams and desires. It helps to keep you motivated and on track. Take clippings from magazines that reflect your wishes for 2018. You can have categories of love, family, health, career, a new city or house, friends and more! Anything you desire!

IG Writers December Challenge

IG Writers December Challenge

Happy Sunday!

I just have to share this Instagram (IG) Writers December Challenge that I came across at midnight, created by  @normalchey on IG

It’s a great way to look at your writing life by posting everyday of December for the challenge listed.  It’s also a great way to get into posting on a regular basis so that you can connect with other writers.

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Have fun with this, it’s a joyous month to celebrate you as a writer!




From our bed, I watch you shave at the bathroom sink. Read more…You are naked. You smile at me as I hug your pillow, soaking up your warmth, your cologne. Sunshine-spotlight showing off your shoulder ink. The small moments we share together aren’t huge displays of affection. Our love spark shows up in simple, unrefined moments. As I watch you shave your dark shadow away, I join you wearing your t-shirt. We are silent as I take in your manliness. You still give me that spark, the fire that I searched for all of my life. You are my one, my firework, my love spark.





Jessica stood at the back of a small boutique staring at the calm grey flats that looked comfortable to wear with any white cotton sundress or her white denim capris. Hmmm, she thought to herself, I’m ready for simple, elegant and a tasteful kind of life. A pair of shoes says a lot about a person. Her phone rang, she answered knowing that this call she couldn’t push to voicemail.

“Yes, I’m here now, face time really? Ok, all right.”
She turned the phone around so the caller could see the shoes.

“You like them? I thought this was what you wanted, you want 2 inches higher? Good luck with that, you get what you get on short notice.”

She turned to the row behind her and lifted up the spiked, red platinum heels that could leave damage to a newly laid sod. Her fingers glided down each spike that lined the heel. They glimmered as if they were dipped in silver but gleamed like platinum. The spikes were sharp and could scratch anyone that dared to touch them in a non-respectful way. They were like guard dogs for her precious gorgeous feet, that seemed to be a fetish for freaks like the one on the call.

“Twenty minutes you say, well this will have to do whether you like it or not, yea I’m calling the shots on this one….. well I guess I’m busy then.”

Jessica hung up…counted down under her breath in a whisper, 5-4-3-2-1. Bingo! The phone rang as she predicted, she answered and hung up. Again counting down as she stood there in her stocking feet with a tight jean skirt and bulging breasts out of her laced white top, red bra showing underneath. 5-4-3-2-1. The phone rings, she says hello this time.

“You ready to play nice or shall I punish you? We’ll see about that, don’t be so sure of yourself. I’ll be there when I get there.”

She hung up knowing every word out of her mouth was a damn lie. She might not even show up, that would shut his trashy mouth. Not all the money in the world would she said to herself…not all the money in the world.

She grabbed the spiked heels and walked to the register but stopped and turned back and grabbed the grey flats. The flats that spoke to her, made her remember who she use to be and who she wanted to be again.