Leather Pumps and Shaking Guns

Leather Pumps and Shaking Guns

Audrey sat her butt against the street lamp and struck a match for her cigarette.Her cherry red lips pillowed the loosely rolled paper. The shops on both sides of the street were going out of business,
and her old neighborhood was turning into a ghost town. From the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow come ambling up the street, his chin tucked into the collar of his coat, and a 45 revolver shaking wildly in his left hand.
“I thought they put you away for good.” He grunted.
“She killed herself.”Audrey said as
she tore the cigarette from her lips and ground it out below a leather pump.
“She would never!”Clyde screamed,his hand shaking violently. The gun fired at an angle and ricocheted off of the sidewalk and took out the streetlamp. The two stood silently in the dark, a dog barked at the end of the street, and then another.
“It’s not as if I had wanted her dead, she was my best friend.” Audrey said between gritted teeth.”
“It doesn’t matter anymore.” Clive said as the moon came from behind a cloud. He stood with the gun pointed at Audrey, hand no longer shaking.
“You won’t be around to remind me about it though.” The hammer started to ease back.
Audrey bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut, but when the shot rang out, she was still standing. She was wondering how long the shock would last when she heard the thud of Clyde’s lifeless body hit the ground.
She opened one eye.He lay face down,motionless.
“Christ.” She muttered, her body relaxed, and she pulled out her cigarette papers from her clutch.
“What am I going to tell my probation officer.”

Writer’s Weekend is Here!

Writer’s Weekend is Here!

Our writer’s group….. “Skirt’s Up”……..meets weekly but every six months we take a weekend retreat to a TN State Park. We have time to write, discuss creativity, get to know one another and just have fun.

We’ve been a group since February 2013 and have stayed together despite all of our busy lives. These women mean so much to me and if it weren’t for them reflecting back to me, I wouldn’t have pursued my writing. Love and support are truly a gift to give and to receive.

Let’s get this party started!

(Picture below: An evening at one of our Fall 2016 weekend. Just chilling with (L to R) Tamara, Ashley, Keri & Heather)


Ditching Illogical

Ditching Illogical

For the wedding, I got fake nails. They were beautiful, and fun for the time needed, but then, they were completely in the way. I ripped them off after soaking them in acetone, them being, not all of them, but most of them, and most of my real nails. It’s a good thing I did it in the dark of my balcony in the evening, because in the light, they remind me of the girl’s nails from Silence of the lambs, after she clawed, or rather, attempted to claw her way out of Buffalo Bill’s pit.

After some severe neglect of my section of the Skirts Up Writers I am happy to say, I am back in action (cliche’,yes, touche). Writing for Maylanna’s Homeric journey from her homeland of Atoria to the mountains of, OH-MY-GOD-I-HAVE-TO-REREAD-MY-STORY-AGAIN-BECAUSE-I-FORGOT-WHAT-I-NAMED-EVERYONE-AND-EVERYTHING-IN-IT has been slow, and Hank just won’t perform how I want him to, isn’t that just like a man(cliche’,doubles). All bullshit aside though, it’s time to get serious about writing. It’s not about looking cool,it’s about being cool.So, typing with fake nails was a stupid experience, and it was standing in my way.So I ripped them off.

Time to shine.(Cliche’,triples ;p)

Did anybody get the number on that truck?

Did anybody get the number on that truck?

It’s all fun and games,until someone dies.

Its natural,everyday,to get wrapped up into my daily life.Hell, on a good day,I could work myself into an anxiety attack between the speaker box and the pay window at McDonalds, usually over some dumb thing I said five years ago. My brain asserts the idea of death pretty constantly to me, so I spend a lot of time wringing trivial moments for some facet of intimacy,in case the person I’m speaking with dies,and this is our last conversation.


When somebody dies that you know, it is an interesting catalyst.It reminds you that time is passing, and one day, far off in the future, or nearby in the next week, it will be your turn.

I think of it this way.We’re all standing in the middle of a tractor trailer ridden interstate,and eventually, we will get squished.Maybe it’s a truck hauling baby diapers,driven by a born again Christian who used to be a meth head,  or maybe it’s a truck hauling canned goods for a relief effort.Maybe it’s a truck full of hats, or stuffed cats,but we all get squished eventually, and you never know which truck is yours until its too late to dodge.

In Memoriam:

Aunt Nona 1922-2016

Lacy Specter

Lacy Specter


Clad in such trappings,
who is this mistress?
who waits in shadows,
and echoes sad prayers.

What is her purpose,
whom is she pleasing?
Standing so motionless,
but diligently there.

Is she in want of kindness?
Does she dream during wakeness?
Is there something she's needing?
Shall I offer her tea?

Are her shudders silent laughter?
Is she sobbing and weeping?
What the hell does she want?
Why has she chosen me?

Did I step on some gravestone,
that had been long forgotten,
buried under the concrete,
of a now busy street?

Does she wish some forgiveness,
from a scorned peaceful lover?
Is she somebody's mother?
What the hell does this mean?

Elation and Misgiving on ThanksgivingEve

Elation and Misgiving on ThanksgivingEve

I have a hard time expressing my opinion.

There are so many truths,because there are so many viewpoints, and those viewpoints are rooted in upbringing,personal experience, genetics, feelings and  beliefs.That’s why to disagree with someone’s view is such a volatile situation, because it is unclear  where their view springs from, and what central ideal it is connected to.

Allow me a metaphor.If a person holds the view that abortion should be illegal,that view is an artery which connects to a heart,which could be a belief in a god,who dictated a book,that states that he knows you in the womb,therefore,you are alive in the womb,therefore abortion is murder,and everyone can agree that murder is wrong.If you strike that artery,you threaten that heart,and that triggers a fight or flight response.

So, a structure of beliefs and viewpoints combine to form who we think/say/feel we are.We all have very good points,and justified (when you take in our entire personal backstory) views, but we are fooled so easily by our own biases.

This,however,is not a tragedy.It is simply human nature.To lose this facet would be to lose something very central, and very human.Loyalty.Loyalty is highly regarded as the mark of a quality human being,but it can also be horrifying when applied in the wrong context.It is illogical,and fervent;like love,passion,sadness,happiness or hatred.

We must be vigilant, and logical,but to be alive,we must also be passionate,and knowing what to be,how we feel,and where best to apply it; that unfortunate task is the human condition.

I like to  believe everyone is doing the best they can.

Happy Thanksgiving❤️

God’s Choice?

God’s Choice?

I have been remiss in contributing to my group’s page, but the election this week has brought me to my knees and to the need to cleanse my writer’s soul.  I have gone back and forth about whether to deactivate my Facebook account, but a true friend pleaded with me to not silence my voice and get back to writing.  Also, I am finding solace in the Pantsuit Nation and did not want to lose interaction with that group on Facebook. 

The reason being given for Donald Trump’s election that I am having the hardest time accepting is that he is  God’s choice; Christians  prayed for our country to be faithful again, and God  sent Trump. I can understand that some feel left out and forgotten from the mainstream. They live in economically struggling areas where factories are closed or where their skills are no longer viable. I can understand that some people feel threatened by immigrants coming in and taking their jobs. I understand those fearful that terrorists might slip in among refugees and cause another 9/11.  I even understand that the pro life people want to save unborn children. But, I cannot understand voting for a man so vile, so dishonest, and so narcissistic and then say he is God’s chosen one to right all these wrongs. Why would God send such a Godkess man in answer to prayer? 

None of us are perfect and can change, but I have seen no indication that he feels he has any need to change.  He thinks he is smarter than the generals, he and only he can defeat ISIS, and he will stop women from yanking out babies in the ninth month of pregnancy. He seems to think he is God. But, being raised a Christian, I was taught that “by their works you will know them.” What I see is a man with five children by three wives and who had numerous affairs while married to his wives. Is this the answer to prayer? Is this God’s choice? I don’t think so! Has he indicated a change in his heart or in his behavior?  I haven’t heard or seen it. 

Trump has incited hate and division all across this country, and now he thinks he can just tell everyone to kiss and make up. He says he wants everyone to come together. Well, try and put all those feathers back into the pillow, Mr.Trump- it can’t be done. So, give me all the reasons you want to, but don’t tell me that Donald Trump is God’s choice and the answer to prayer. Please don’t insult my God with such rhetoric! 

The man that I see demonstrating Christian values is our outgoing president. After all the hate-filled words directed at him by Donald Ttump, president Obama invited him to the White House and treated him with respect.  He turned the other cheek and displayed true Christianity. President Obama strived for all of our citizens to be treated fairly: gays, Hispanics, Muslims, disabled; and women. Never did I hear the disgusting language that Donald Ttump uses come from his mouth. I have seen him treat his wife with nothing but love and respect.  We have had eight years of a classy and Christian man and family in the White House.  Is he perfect? No. No one is. Have all his decisions been right? No. No one has ever made all the right decisions. However, he has represented our country with dignity, intelligence, and compassion. We have seen him cry with families who lost loved ones in mass shootings. We have seen him dance with his wife and look at her the way all women yearn to be looked at. We have seen him snuggled up with his daughters and beam with pride when he speaks about them. President Obama is the one I prayed for. A Godly man who went high when others went low. A man who turned his cheek 7 times 70. A man who laughed, cried, and wanted everyone to be treated with dignity. I will miss president Obama, and I think a lot of Christians who think that Trump is God’s choice will miss him too before much time has passed. 

Finally, I think God’s choice was Barack Obama. I don’t want to appear that I know God’s mind, but “by their works you shall know them.” If that scripture is true, then president Obama was God’s choice all along.