From our bed, I watch you shave at the bathroom sink. Read more…You are naked. You smile at me as I hug your pillow, soaking up your warmth, your cologne. Sunshine-spotlight showing off your shoulder ink. The small moments we share together aren’t huge displays of affection. Our love spark shows up in simple, unrefined moments. As I watch you shave your dark shadow away, I join you wearing your t-shirt. We are silent as I take in your manliness. You still give me that spark, the fire that I searched for all of my life. You are my one, my firework, my love spark.

JFJ – Jump For Joy

JFJ – Jump For Joy


If you get that warm-fuzzy-feeling inside when you’re doing something…that makes you want to jump for joy and shout out loud, keep doing it. When you follow that feeling, you’re on track to what your soul is meant to be doing. If you find that you can spend hours on it and it feels like minutes, you’re on the right track to what your purpose is. You’ll find everything else in your daily life is easier too.




THE EAGLES = TEARS of LOVE: I was driving to work yesterday and a song from The Eagles Greatest Hit Album came on and I started tearing up, more like a few tissues moment. I was shocked and asked myself what was going on…then I started getting images of our home and car growing up. It was like my Dad was in the car with me jamming out. He loved this album! I knew he was with me at that very moment. This album was played over and over in our house…probably on an 8- track upstairs and on an album in our paneled walls with gold-shag-carpet in the family room. So out of the memories of my past came to visit me, reminding me of the love that Dad gave me then, now and forever. Thanks Dad for the music you continue to bring into my life from Heaven. Love you forever!



Wake Me Up Writing

I started The Wake Me Up Writing on January 11, 2014, after reading the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I have renamed them from The Morning Pages to The Wake Me Up Pages because you do them after you wake up in the morning and they wake up your life. Whether you are an artist or not, this form of free-style writing is helpful in connecting with your soul and honoring yourself. The Wake Me Up Writing is done in the morning by handwriting 3 full pages in a half hour. Here’s a better explanation…..
WHAT’S THE PURPOSE? To write in the morning when our minds are relaxed and open. To guide ourselves in our lives, our work, our relationships and our art. To get the junk out of our heads that keeps recycling (complaining, errands, tasks, worries, emotions etc) and allows us to get to the real stuff in our creative minds. We are giving our being a chance to speak without being shushed, ignored or edited. Many people of all walks of life and careers use this form of writing to guide their lives in a direction that their being is seeking.
WHAT DO YOU NEED? A notebook, a pen, a comfortable seat and 30 minutes.
1. Get a NOTEBOOK – I like the 70 page, wide ruled notebook because it takes me about 30 days to fill it up. The wide ruled also fits my larger handwriting better. But you try and decide what fits you. I also like choosing a fresh notebook to start in every 30 days. I sometimes decorate the front with stickers and markers. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I work in small doses.
2. Get a PEN – get a pen that moves easily. The important thing is to make sure you “like” your pen, it will be your best friend every morning.
3. WHEN YOU WAKE UP – this is done in the morning right when you wake up, before you start any work or thinking, when your mind is relaxed and open. (This writing will not be effective at night) You’ll want to grab your cup of coffee too!
4. CONSISTENT WRITING SPOT – choose a comfortable spot to write each morning. This is also important because where you write either invites you in or turns you off. You might need to test out a few spots in your home before deciding on what fits you the best.
5. SET A TIMER – setting a timer is helpful in the beginning. Set it for 30 minutes and keep writing until it goes off.
6. HAND WRITE – 3 full pages, yes front AND back!
7. FREE STYLE – no need to edit, spell or grammar correction. This journal is personal and not to be shared or edited at all. It’s suggested to not even read it for many days. I actually wait months before I read my previous entries.
(The meaning of FREE STYLE? It’s stream of consciousness. Write whatever comes to your mind…the grocery list, your argument with your friend, work issues, dreams, fears, memories…whatever comes to your mind….WRITE IT. There’s no incorrect way….just keep writing what comes to your mind. If you draw a blank then write “I am drawing a blank I have nothing on my mind but it figures last night I couldn’t stop thinking but now when I can work through the issues I have nothing so last night I was bothered by…….(see what I mean? It leads you back to something you want to discuss with yourself)
8. ONE PAGE, TWO PAGE…. Keep writing and get beyond the first 2 pages because that’s when your heart and soul come out. Don’t be surprised to write a lot of tasks and shallow, small-talk before that. It’s ok. We must get that stuff down and out of our minds to get to our being.
9. BE PATIENT with yourself – be kind to yourself – love yourself.
10. STICK WITH IT – enjoy the ride of this process, it will amaze you, it will lead you and bring you to a higher self.



(This was written during our writer’s weekend this month.  It’s one of my favorite writing methods with the group….Pass The Poem Writing)


(pictured: Heather, Carol, Ashley & Tamara)

Sheep skin rug in front of the potbelly stove

Pizza on a Friday night, leftovers on Sunday

Hanging with my neighbors across the road at the bonfire

Celebrating my birthday and the fire of life in my belly

October fire that brought life to me

Life when the leaves were falling and trees dying

October fire that warmed me on my mother’s lap

October fire that brought color to my life

Orange flame glowing like the orange of the leaves

The pumpkins on porches and the coolness of the breeze

I wrap my scarf tight to my neck

Stir the fire once with a stick

Breath in the nights cold, sharp wet

And exhale the years cares.

By Heather Norell, Carol Haislip, Ashley Maze and Tamara Scott




Welcome to our blog!   We met in a creative writing class of February 2014.  Since then we have bonded in not only writing, but most importantly friendship.  We are on a creative journey together, so come along for the ride!

The Skirts Up Writers

(picture from left to right: Heather, Ashley, Carol, Tanya, Tamara & Keri )