Tamara has lived in Nashville for 15 years, and in that time she has managed to hold down a multitude of jobs including high school teacher, server, bartender, online marketer, lifeguard manager and freelance writer. Through all of these, she finds herself coming back to her love of reading and writing at the end of every day.

In her “free” time, she meditates, practices yoga, spends time with her husband and whiskey. She is currently working on 2 separate non-profit projects: one to provide writing services to local middle and high school students and a separate benefit concert raise money for local non-profits.

Tamara received her B.S. in Secondary Education from Vanderbilt University in 2004 and went on to earn a Master’s of Arts in English in 2010. At that time she published a portion of her Master’s thesis in the Tennessee Philological Association’s Bulletin. She maintains two separate blogs: onemorefoldedsunset is a personal account of her musings and travel, and Tamara Scott Writes is a professional collection of freelance thoughts.




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