I never thought I would enjoy being a part of a group of women. I’m what you might call a little edgy in that annoying way, and I can be obnoxious at times, so I’m allowed to say something as cliche’ as that last sentence. We should all be allowed our cliche’s. It’s part of being a writer.

I don’t remember the first time I walked into the Creative Writing class where I met the other ladies of Skirts Up. I was in a very weird time in my life. I was drinking and I was working. As far as I had been concerned, I was done with writing.

Looking back, I think we were all in weird places in our lives. There was a lot of crying, and a lot of sharing; all in the context of our stories. I think that sharing made it possible for us to reach each other in what could have been just another classroom setting. I think that sharing was something new that I hadn’t experienced before in the context of writing.

Over the last ….I think five years, I’ve learned to put myself on the page. I’m not finished by any means, because you never stop learning to be yourself. What I’m getting to is I never would have known how to even start cutting through my Fear and Loathing attitude and really start to carve myself into a story’s page without my fellow Skirts-Uppers.

We all learn something from each person we meet.I’m glad I know ya’ll. đŸ™‚



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