JFJ – Jump For Joy

JFJ – Jump For Joy


If you get that warm-fuzzy-feeling inside when you’re doing something…that makes you want to jump for joy and shout out loud, keep doing it. When you follow that feeling, you’re on track to what your soul is meant to be doing. If you find that you can spend hours on it and it feels like minutes, you’re on the right track to what your purpose is. You’ll find everything else in your daily life is easier too.

Rainy Morning

Rainy Morning

You have to be strong.

In this life, failure is inevitable. You will not be able to win every time.In fact, if you win 60% of the time, then you are doing well for yourself.

So, all that anxiety about failure?

It could be right.

So what?

108 Billion people have lived on Earth up to now.

How many do you know of?

Live your damn life.

And don’t be a dick about it.