This word is overused. There are too many sorry excuses for things being so sorry.  You may be sorry I said this and I am sorry if you took it the wrong way. What I really wanted to say was ” excuse me!” but it wound up being more like my problem than yours.  Like you were ill and when I texted you were sick and I said, ” sorry.” I don’t know if that means that I am sorry you’re sick or sorry that I bothered you.

Justin Bieber has a song called, ” Sorry.”  Is that why my ears hurt from trying to understand why so many people are sorry ( in one way or the other.)


One thought on “Sorry

  1. More like, I’m sorry i was thoughtless and did X. Recently I have “pissed off” someone I admire and respect greatly and was proud to have as a friend. Not sure even with an apology if we are now. But I’ve learned that everyone has quirks and faults and bad days. If you want a long-term relationship, forgive is a stronger word than sorry, for bad exceptional (as in exceptions) behavior.


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