Just Plain Dumb

Just Plain Dumb

  1. thanks-youNot enough education.  You need those string of alphabet behind your name.  They make you acceptable, believable and valued.
  2. Unable to identify helpful people. It’s all about network and connections.  Friends aren’t really friends you serve a purpose for them otherwise you’re history.
  3. Have sex to young. It’s like using your Social Security check to buy your first bicycle.  It won’t get you anywhere but broken spokes.
  4. Get married to people based on a feeling. Marriage is a business partnership.  You have to have some logical connection. Marriages based on emotional connection are like tying your kite to a submarine.  It’s difficult to soar with the eagles when you’re swimming with the sharks.
  5. Trusting people-with words, money and possibilities. Even friends and family can’t be considered “trustworthy.”
  6. Investing in “investments.” This means you’re spending way too much money trying to make more money a lot later.
  7. By not valuing my personal potential. Self-esteem seems to be grown from dirt and watered by sweat. Self-confidence comes from skill and experience.   Looking into the eyes of people who you want to “give it you” is fatal.
  8. Agreeing to something I knew was wrong in the first place. Intuition and gut feelings are believable.  The mind is purely a GPS.  It leads you to wear the “ gut tells you to go.”
  9. We think we don’t have to participate in life and activities.  Only with action and vulnerability do we actually experience life to its fullest.
  10. Not saying Thank You enough. There are more people in this world that I owe thanks to.



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