My thoughts: Survive

My thoughts: Survive




The art of not giving up. Life is survival. If there is a symbol to represent survival it would be ” the dash- a run for it”- It could be a hyphen,  placed so deliberately between the year one is born and the year of death. In my own life I survive when the family falls apart-when the dog has to be put down-when a friend becomes distant and silent.

I see refugees and immigrants being tossed across the world by the storms of war and apathy. Nobody seems to notice their pain.  They survive.  Some don’t.

We stand up when it would be easier to lie down or stay down. We endure heart breaks and separations. We survive poverty.  We pull though. We exist like green blades of grass that grow in the cracks of concrete.

Survival skills include the word ” wilderness.” it is an area of desperation and desolation. Void of love, kindness and nourishment – be it for the body or for the soul.

Tortured souls become numb and pass out when the pain is unbearable.  Every human being as a breaking point. A broken heart is a heart attack.

There are those days I grieve- the loss of youth- ignorance and vitality. We have regrets and ambitions.  We survive the consequences of bad decisions.

Maybe it was omission. ” I should have but I didn’t.”

Maybe it was greed. ” I asked for too much.”

Maybe it was delusion” I imagined the outcome differently.”

Whatever you think survival is.  I think it’s life.



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