A thought for the Week

A thought for the Week

More like a few thoughts. Damn, this is really hard.I feel like the luckiest girl in the universe. However, this does not stop me from being annoyed by the tediousness of modern life, people’s pettiness, and their lack of vision.I get so annoyed with people being one dimensional characters. Don’t they know this is real life and not a B movie?I am way less annoyed than I used to be, and it doesn’t make me any less grateful.To whom am I grateful? To everything and everyone.

As weird as I am inebriated, I’m much weirder sober. I can’t believe I am impatiently awaiting 78 pounds of barbed wire, and excited for a year of farm repairs and chores. In the movie of your life, doing what’s easy makes for a lousy storyline. You owe it to yourself to make it interesting. The best food is something shared with someone you love, or as Christ said “It is better to break bread with your friends, than to eat ox with your enemies.”

Today I was trying to decide if I would rather be a tiger or a fox, but then I realized, that being an animal removes the ability to be human.Tigers don’t sing, they just do tiger things and fences don’t work on creatures with wings.89H


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