She turned trash into gold.

She turned trash into gold.

My mother’s ruby red glasses were made out of gold

A thin layer of shinny crystal on the brim

They were her most valuable possession

A lasting impression.

She turned trash tobacco leaves into gold.

It was a time of happiness,harvesting the crop.

Mother had little education. No degrees.

Working hard, as any man.

She  turned trash tobacco leaves into gold.

Out into the hot sun she dared to  go.

Along with sweaty sunburned men

She endured the long hard days

Bending love with callused hands

She tied dirty leaves  with a rubber band.

She could have married a banker

She could have owned a diamond ring

Across her brow she wore a long bandana

To keep the salt from out of her eyes.


Way before the dawn the cooking pots were steaming

The hungry men  surrounded her table

until the food was gone.

Back to the fields till the sun went down.

Today my mother passed away.

No more will she pay …

Those ruby red glassess , they’re worth a fortune.

Golden ruby glasses

made from trash tobacco leaves.

Made from trash tobacco leaves.







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