This is Where I Live

This is Where I Live

I’ve lived next to the airport my whole life; I’m used to planes. I’ve even seen Air Force One a couple times. No big deal. Today, that plane was a little different.It was wrapped in blue plastic shrink wrap.Do they make a shrink wrap machine for planes? Anyways, it was just out there, by the National Guard building . It makes me think, even right now. Is this the residual of some out there happening? Did a plane full of people contract an incurable disease, and find themselves sealed in, the air running out, the engines disassembled, and the doors locked from the outside? Then, this small group of people, while dying from this highly contagious disease, how do they contemplate their demise? This dark,infectious plane, probably not even landed in the proper city. Do their loved ones know yet? Is there somewhere in the next few hours, families that will be contacted by government officials, who will inform them to “Keep their mouth shut”?Is the coming zombie apocalypse, sealed in this plane?Are these enemies of the State, sanctioned for termination? Are these little people, clinging to glowing pictures of their loved ones on a serviceless cell phone, dying along with their battery, going to erupt into flesh eating monsters? Or, is the flesh eating purely an aspect of the virus incubating in their bodies? Or, is it just an empty,shrink wrapped plane, held at an open space on the tarmac?Is it due for repairs, or new engines?

This is where I live.


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