blood-scissorsThe Vines  choke the trees.

Cut them with an ax.

Slice them with your knife

Cut them. Cut them.

Carve wood into little animals.

Saw them with the chain.

Slash the weeds at the root.

Eat them with a machine.

Cut them. Cut them.

Pierce your ears. Poke them with a needle.

Push it through the ice.

Be careful not to cut them.

Sculpt a human face. Mold it in your hand.

Shape it to a form. Cut the eyes into  place.

Shave off the whiskers. Shave the fur from your face.

Defuzz your hairy armpits be careful not to bleed.

Trim your nails. Trim the tree. Trim the dress. Trim the grass.

Stab the chest. Stab the pus. Stabbing wound.

Bleeds into the grass.

Rip the shirt. Ripped with anger. Rip it up so fast.

Chip it up into little pieces. Hammer into glass.

Stop being so destructive. Stop being so cruel.

Cut it .. Cut it. Cut it  out.. you fool.









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