” A Wasted Vote”

” A Wasted Vote”

What are they saying? ” Don’t vote for x you’ll lose your vote!”  The only way people lose their vote is when they don’t…. VOTE.   I am disgusted ( and I can’t use a milder word) about people who say, ” My vote doesn’t matter.”  It does.  Women fought with their lives and family to make sure that other women had a say-so in their lives.  Black people marched and were made to set on the back of the bus, go to strange bathrooms and eat outside because they couldn’t vote.

Then you might suggest why do these candidates spend billions?  To get you to believe they are on your side.  You ( We, the people) are an ocean.  We are waves, wind and power.

You might not think so but every drop of water is the same:  Hydrogen and Oxygen- hydrogen to explode and water to breathe.  Every molecule- every vote matters.

You’d think that we had at least one paid day off to vote.  We get off for dead president’s day, a few dead heros, a few struggled events like Labor Day and Memorial Day but we don’t get a day off to go and vote.

There are few paid employees who take care of the polling places and the system depends on volunteers.

If you don’t vote, if you don’t ” do politics” then you will find out when you are locked up, locked out or charged enormous fees ( government regulations do work).

Whoever you are or think you are VOTE!  If you think one person doesn’t make a difference remember the man that climbed the sign on the interstate in Nashville.  He stopped traffic in both directions for three hours.




One thought on “” A Wasted Vote”

  1. Wonderful Tanya! The right to vote is so important, and I get so frustrated with people who say their vote doesn’t matter or it won’t change things. People died for the right to vote – and there should be a day off for people to vote.


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