Sherry’s bare feet hit the concrete floor, cold, smooth and refreshing on the hot summer morning. The sunlight beamed through the window making her wish it was a winter cold day so she could hide away from the world and not face the truth that she held in her head and heart. Her heart was content but her head still was in a therapy session. Everyone said she was a major, mental flake, racked with guilt and loneliness. They clearly didn’t believe heaven was on her side with the decision she made. They made her feel as if the angels in her life were now heavyhearted spirits flying around her. She tried to shut off the voices that were fertile in her mind.

She now was merely a fraction of what she told she would be after high school. Computer and business was her way to the top and she was made to believe this would be her career, her fame to her family. She would envision herself handing out business cards to prospective clients, seeing her name plate on her office door and on the memos circulating through the office. She manifested her vision but only for a short time. Her soul was acting out loud with anger and frustration in every area of her life. Demanding her to dig deeper, to risk everything and to take the acoustic sounds in her very being and bring them to life with color and objects. She didn’t have to settle for who they wanted her to be. What they said she would be. She was guilty for believing them and not believing her very own youthful soul. The innocent soul at age 8 already knew what her purpose, her passion was. She would one day write for others, make them feel the emotions that the cold, level headed corporate world refused to acknowledge.
One day she quit, just walked out. In a zombie like trance, she left the existence that defined her. She was not in control of her actions. As she pushed opened the glass door to the city sidewalk, she paused and looked at the variety of shoes speeding to their next destination like a city highway. She read a long time ago, if you didn’t listen to yourself, one day your soul would make you listen. Perhaps through a mental breakdown, a mid life crisis or a rampage shooting of innocent people or even a self inflicted suicide.

Sherry feels the cold cement under her feet as her weight sinks into them. She pushes herself up off of her friend’s couch, deciding she would not be a major mental flake, racked with guilt and loneliness. Sherry doesn’t need that lesson taught to her again. A smile comes over her face as she lays back on the couch with her cam corder lifted above her. She glances to her handwritten notes about those that have succeeded and those that have not. Success comes to those who follow their passion and not the dollar bill. She may have given up financial security for her dream but her soul is now richer with intention and purpose. She believes that financial comfort will be with her again but this time through her passion.  Living on PURPOSE.




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