Forever a Student

Forever a Student

Look heavenward child. Far up into the darkness, where shiny lights are the spirits of our ancestors. That is only a fraction of the way. You must look further, but use your mind, as I always tell you. Think of the acoustics of a well; and a pebble’s drop, down into that deepness, that blackness. Such loneliness as that little smooth stone would feel; so cold and heavyhearted. Do not feel guilt for throwing him there. Keep your mind fertile. Remember how these feelings can cause even the greatest statues of dreams to flake and chip away, like the erosion of a thousand years, in a matter of seconds. Your mind is strong child, and this mental strength can easily be turned against you. How can you fight the millions of arms and legs that your imagination travels with?

Now, look again at that deepness above.It is the same as within you.These two worlds can be yours. Within and without.Do not lose them, and never give them away.Share them, and protect them child. That is all I can tell you. The rest you learn alone.


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