If there is no fire…

If there is no fire…

burned child

If the fire alarm goes off for three days  the fire department doesn’t come; the people don’t run and the management ignores the phone calls to “turn it off” there is something wrong.

I happened to be on the property of a low rent apartment complex ((actually the rent is very high) but the people are very poor, few speak English  and there are lots of kids.

The alarm went off. The Fire Dept didn’t come till I called them.  When they did come the Captain said the fire alarms aren’t hooked up to a security monitoring system or the fire department.  I called the 1-800 phone number and the maintenance man called me back  34 hours later.

One woman said that it goes off sometimes and lasts for three days if it’s on the weekend.  The sound was so loud I can’t imagine having to live there.  The  people hide in their apartments.  They can’t sleep .

If there really was a fire would they sleep through that too.

This was in Nashville.  I wrote a letter to the Fire Marshall in a complaint form. I sent an email to the council person in that district.  I don’t want people to die in a fire. Fire in apartment




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