Got to See a Woman About a Horse

Got to See a Woman About a Horse

I know this isn’t professional writing. I know that there will be no plot to this particular entry, but I must tell you, that I am excited.I am excited because, after an extended period of time trying to look for a horse, and reaching out to people trying to sell them, I am a few simple steps away from maybe, possibly, having a horse again. His name is Michael. I have not seen him. I have to wait two days to see him. All I know is that he is a thoroughbred, 16 hands tall, and 14 years old. The last couple days I have been playing phone tag with the current owner, and a few short hours ago, I had given up the idea, and washed it to the back of my mind. I do that a lot with things. I am belligerently excited right now, and I am trying to stay realistic.

I have always had horses around. I grew up riding my big sister’s childhood horse, and when my big brother moved out, I got Baby May as a grumpy fat hand me down horse. Her demeanor of indifference was endearing, and her ability to get stuck in the most horrifying of places (I once got a 6am call from my dad after he had surgery. Baby May had laid down behind the barn, and on trying to get up she had kicked through the back wall, and two windows that were leaned up against it. She got out of it fine, aside from a couple superficial scrapes on her leg, but it scared the hell out of my sister and I.) was actually comical after the fact.Last winter I lost her, unexpectedly, after all the times I thought she was a goner. Who would have thought that old age would get her in the end?

When I was a kid,I would ride my sister’s horse Windy around in circles in the corral. When my parents would fight, I would crouch down on her back, my face inches away from her mane, and tell her that we would run away together,that she shouldn’t be sad.I’d tell her I was sorry about the yelling.I was a lonely kid.Emo thoughts…moving on….So, in conclusion, really stoked, scared that I may fall off while test riding him and break my leg, excited and hope he likes me, and hope he doesn’t run away or get stuck in a fence, or beat up my dad’s horse, or run away and get hit by a semi if I get him. Super stoked in the most realistically unrealistic way ever.Yay.


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