THE FUTURE IS HERE – Word Prompts From Our Meetup

THE FUTURE IS HERE – Word Prompts From Our Meetup

When our group meets, we like to do word prompts as we’re being timed for 2 minutes or more. It’s fast, exciting and allows your creative child to play and react quickly without the editor to get involved. I’ve cleaned it up a little but this is what came out tonight.

OUR WORD PROMPTS WERE: Fried, Perfect, Broken-up, Climb, Spike, Swing-back, Happy, Energy

It wasn’t the most PERFECT day; in fact it pretty much sucked. I hardly had any sleep and the sun was blaring in through a crack in the drapes that annoyed my eyelids. I heard the knocking on my bedroom door and was hoping it was in my dream but it wasn’t. I pushed myself up with squinted eyes and feeling FRIED, as I dumped my feet on the floor. The knocking got louder and louder as I quickly pulled my sweats on and ran down to the door. There he was, my father all dressed and ready to go somewhere, anywhere but not sure where that was. I calmed him down and started the coffee as he sat at the dining room table waiting for me to wait on him like it was an old-time diner. I felt BROKEN-UP inside as I watched him staring out the window. The blank stare that I knew he would never CLIMB out of.

I had to giggle a little though as I saw his hair was SPIKED in the back. I wasn’t laughing at him but it was the innocence of him not knowing and not caring. I wished I could have that at times. To SWING-BACK to the time of youth when all I cared about was riding my bike when I got out of school, or catching your favorite song on the radio for the 3rd time of the day, or seeing the neighborhood guy, who I had a crush on, ride his skateboard down the hill. Yes, those were HAPPY times filled with ENERGY of the simple moments. I long to get that back. I especially longed for those moments of escape like a holiday as I cared for my father. I wasn’t trying to get out of anything, but trying to get into a mindset to handle the daily grind of a person going out of their mind. At moments it felt like I was losing my mind…going crazy…burnt out and at the same time grieving what the future would be. There is no turning back, no way out, it is coming as sure as the sun rises and the moon sets.

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