(This was written during our writer’s weekend this month.  It’s one of my favorite writing methods with the group….Pass The Poem Writing)


(pictured: Heather, Carol, Ashley & Tamara)

Sheep skin rug in front of the potbelly stove

Pizza on a Friday night, leftovers on Sunday

Hanging with my neighbors across the road at the bonfire

Celebrating my birthday and the fire of life in my belly

October fire that brought life to me

Life when the leaves were falling and trees dying

October fire that warmed me on my mother’s lap

October fire that brought color to my life

Orange flame glowing like the orange of the leaves

The pumpkins on porches and the coolness of the breeze

I wrap my scarf tight to my neck

Stir the fire once with a stick

Breath in the nights cold, sharp wet

And exhale the years cares.

By Heather Norell, Carol Haislip, Ashley Maze and Tamara Scott


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