October Fire

October Fire

Our group met for fellowship and writing this weekend at Henry Horton State Park. We participated in a pass around poetry writing exercise where each person writes four lines, folds their paper over with only the last line showing, passes it to the person to their right who then adds four more lines and passes it on until the poem is back to the person who wrote the first four lines. Here is the poem that started with me.
October Fire

October fire glowing brightly and warming the hearth

October fire glowing and shining  in the trees 

And then falling like burning embers to the ground

October fire glowing bright and warm 

It may be getting chilly

But October fire keeps the house cozy

The faintest smell of smoke and cedar

Flames dancing against the bricks

Smoke trendils finger out from the grate

Marking the mantle with their dirty prints

Licking, curling toward the ceiling so white and pure

While the coals glow slow and low below

I see the face of a ghost that speaks out loud

In hisses and tones of anger telling me

Put on more wood to fuel the fire

He smokes and blazes taunting me to stoke the October fire

Carol, Ashley, Tamara, Heather


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